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As a seasoned digital marketer with extensive experience in all things internet, including SEO, social media management, and digital marketing strategy, I am adept at navigating the ever-evolving online landscape. At Webvertise, GlamBazaar, and ComoaraMea, I've honed my skills in executing diverse marketing initiatives, leveraging data analytics to drive decision-making and optimize marketing efforts across various channels. My expertise extends to managing comprehensive ad campaigns, utilizing advanced analytics tools, and collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams to achieve strategic marketing objectives. With a knack for problem-solving and a passion for data-driven marketing, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to new innovative projects, delivering impactful marketing solutions across different industries.

Digital Marketer

Are you looking to elevate your online presence or optimize your digital marketing strategies? I bring a wealth of experience in SEO, social media management, and comprehensive digital marketing to the table. Let's collaborate to create innovative solutions that drive results.

  • Birthday: June 1982
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  • City: Bucharest, RO
  • Age: 41
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  • Freelance/Hybrid: Available

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The Skills section of my portfolio is a testament to my comprehensive expertise in digital marketing and content creation. With proficiency ratings, it reflects my mastery in various areas such as Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media Campaigns, and advanced tools like ChatGPT and Adobe Premiere. It also showcases my adeptness in project management, client relationship management, and e-commerce marketing, underlining my holistic approach to driving successful digital strategies. Each skill is an integral part of my toolkit, honed through years of experience and continuous learning.

Facebook Ads 100%
Search Engine Optimization 90%
Social Media Campaigns 100%
ChatGPT/Custom GPT 100%
Adobe Premier 80%
Canva 90%
Content Strategy 100%
Data Analysis 100%
Project Management 100%
Google Ads 100%
Video Editing 95%
Photoshop 90%
Notion 95%
Photoshop 90%
CapCut 100%
Client Relationship Management 100%
E-commerce Marketing 100%
Digital Advertising Strategy 100%


Delve into my journey: Here's a snapshot of who I am and the path I've traversed in the digital marketing realm, showcasing the experiences that shape my expertise and drive my passion for innovation in the industry.


Ionut Parvu

Seasoned Digital Marketing Specialist and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in launching and developing successful online businesses. Expert in SEO, social media campaigns, video content creation, and digital advertising strategy. Skilled in leveraging data analytics and AI tools to enhance marketing initiatives. Proven track record in managing comprehensive digital campaigns and driving e-commerce growth.

  • Bucharest, Romania


Academic Pursuits in Computer Engineering at Politehnica University (Non-Completer)

2001 - 2004

Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, Bucharest, Ro

I commenced my academic journey at the Politehnica University, enrolling in the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, Romania's premier institution for computer engineering. My admission, exempt from the standard exam due to my accomplishments in the national physics olympics, marked a significant milestone. Balancing my burgeoning business, Webvertise, with rigorous academic demands proved challenging. After three years of juggling both, I made a strategic decision to dedicate my full attention to the entrepreneurial venture that was showing substantial promise and growth.

Computer Engineer


International Computer High School of Bucharest

Graduated in 2001 from the International Computer High School of Bucharest, a prestigious institution where I was awarded a full scholarship due to my achievements in the national physics olympics. The school's unique curriculum, with a strong emphasis on English-language instruction, laid the foundational skills for my early venture into the digital world, leading to the establishment of my web design company, Webvertise, right after high school completion. This experience was instrumental in shaping my future career in the digital and tech industries.

Professional Experience

Marketing Maestro

2022 - Present, Bucharest, Ro

  • is where creativity meets commerce. This unique online store offers wooden treasure chests filled with sand, sea shells, and personalized messages in a bottle. My role involves bringing these imaginative gifts to life online. I spearhead the digital content creation, from eye-catching photos to engaging social media posts. Managing both Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, I ensure our message reaches the right audience, turning a simple gift into a memorable experience. My journey with is about capturing the essence of personalization and delivering it through effective digital strategies.

Digital Strategy Architect

2012 - Present, Bucharest, Ro

  • At, an online store specializing in custom jewelry, I've channeled my digital marketing acumen into creating a vibrant e-commerce presence. As a part owner, I'm not just managing the business; I'm nurturing it. My responsibilities encompass orchestrating Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, and weaving compelling social media narratives. I also delve into creative realms, producing captivating product videos and photographs. My efforts are aimed not just at selling products, but at telling a story that resonates with our clientele, making each piece of jewelry more than just an accessory a treasure with a tale.


2006 - Present, Bucharest, Ro

  • As the owner and creator of, a pioneering marketplace since 2006 in Romania's printing sector, I've bridged the gap between clients needing printed materials and printing houses. This platform showcases my expertise in digital marketplace development, understanding of the print industry, and my ability to innovate in e-commerce, aligning with my broader experience in digital strategies and content creation. My role demonstrates my capacity to lead, innovate, and provide tailored digital solutions in a specialized market.

Chief Technology Officer

2001 - 2014

Webvertise, Bucharest, Ro

  • In the dawn of the digital age, I co-founded Webvertise, a web design company that played a pivotal role in shaping over 200 online identities for diverse businesses. As the CTO, I led a team of designers and programmers, orchestrating the intricate dance of web development and design. My hands-on involvement ranged from detailed client consultations to setting dynamic project scopes, ensuring each website not only met but exceeded client expectations. I pioneered SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns, leveraging platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, long before they became industry standards. My tenure at Webvertise was not just about building websites; it was about crafting digital experiences.
  • Webvertise Portfolio (old link in on, the website is not online anymore)

Portfolio - Video ads and Youtube

Welcome to my portfolio section, where creativity meets strategy in the realm of video marketing. Here, you'll discover a curated selection of my video ads, crafted in both vertical and landscape formats, alongside engaging YouTube content I've meticulously written, scripted, filmed, and edited. Utilizing cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT and ElevenLabs, each piece exemplifies my dedication to compelling storytelling and innovative content creation. Dive into my work and see how I blend creativity with technology to capture audiences and deliver impactful messages.

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  • GlamBazaar
  • ComoaraMea
  • FamilyFunEducation


These services are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses seeking to enhance their digital marketing efforts and online presence.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Crafting comprehensive digital strategies to elevate your online presence, utilizing tools and platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

Social Media Management

Creating and curating engaging content, managing campaigns, and analyzing performance to grow your brand on social platforms.

SEO Services

Enhancing your website's visibility on search engines through optimized content, keyword strategy, and technical SEO practices.

Video Production

Offering end-to-end video production services, from scripting to editing, leveraging industry-standard tools to produce captivating visual content.

Content Creation

Developing unique, compelling content tailored to your brand's voice and audience, using advanced AI tools to streamline the creative process.

E-commerce Marketing

Utilizing my e-commerce experience to boost your online store's performance through targeted campaigns, SEO, and data-driven strategies.

Data Analysis

Providing insights from data to inform decision-making and optimize marketing strategies, using tools like Google Analytics for comprehensive analysis.


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Bucharest, Romania

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